: Sabine Seume.

: Coaching.

Sabine Seume offers coaching-converstions for dancers, choreographers and dancing-masters.

Professionally guided coaching means that there is place enough for questions and problems, to to formulate them and to find soulutions and/or other perspectives. Here it´s significant, that the client has get his own ideas and opssible ways of solutions. The coach will encourage and support him to find his own different possibilities in himself and to develop other conducts this way.
This is, what differs a conversation for coaching from an advice or a discussion.
It´s not the advice, that´s in the center of attention, it´s to discover one´s own personal potential.

Possible goals and contents are questions and difficulties of adaption in fields as contact, relationship, flexibility in various situations, group-dynamic processes, to cope with conflicts, verbal and non-verbal communication, dramaturgy, the area of art in work, specialist questions, the method of education and the condition of the framework.

Sometimes it might make sense to visit the lessons or the rehearsals at first as a guest, to get a better view on the work. It´s even possible, to visit the coaching meeting just to get answered a question. The meeting lasts about 60-90 minutes.

When requested, a hospilitation plus coaching can be booked, or a coaching-conversation without hospilitation, when there´s allready a concrete question.
Before any coaching starts, there´s allways a conversation – personally or by phone – to find out the clients individual needs.

Sabine Seume is a freelanced choreographer, dancer and dancing-master.
For the further education “Coaching in der Fachlichen Begleitung” (Coaching escorted professionally) she studied with Petra Dietrich in Munich in 2009 and 2010.